January 12, 2020


SAN FRANCISCO—Premier California-based political data and software company, Political Data, Inc. (PDI) announced today it has acquired OutreachCircle, a leading supporter management and relational organizing platform. The acquisition will offer both California-based and national clients an industry-leading product that combines top-notch data, voter file management and targeting expertise with cutting edge digital services and grassroots organizing tools and platforms. 

Given the rising importance of relational organizing and supporter engagement, this venture presents a substantial growth opportunity for PDI to offer campaigns and organizations an undeniable edge. 

“For over 30 years, PDI has strived to help campaigns and organizations of all sizes manage their voter, donor, volunteer, and membership data for targeting strategy, communications, and analysis,” said Gary Brown, CEO of PDI. “This acquisition is a commitment to providing cutting-edge tools and services to our clients and is a very exciting step forward for both organizations.” 

Launched in 2015, OutreachCircle is a supporter management, relational organizing, and texting platform that enables volunteers, activists, and donors to support campaigns and organizations. OutreachCircle grew out of Higher Ground Labs and was at the forefront of a strategic movement toward relational organizing with a mission to supplement traditional voter outreach and engagement with personalized friend-to-friend outreach at scale.

“OutreachCircle was founded on the idea that in order to improve the quality of voter and supporter contact, campaigns, advocacy groups, and membership organizations should use existing personal connections to facilitate more meaningful interactions. Our impact can be much larger and far greater when we join forces to push the envelope on what is possible for campaigns and causes, and that is what today’s announcement represents,” said Sangeeth Peruri, founder and CEO of OutreachCircle. 

PDI and OutreachCircle are among the most successful voter file data management and software platforms in the industry. Combined, PDI and OutreachCircle have supported over 15,000 clients including the AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers, California Democratic Party, Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, Democratic National Committee, League of Women Voters, Los Angeles Federation of Labor, National Education Association, Nextgen America, Planned Parenthood, SEIU, Think Together, and Unidos US, among others. 


About Political Data, Inc. 

Political Data Inc. (PDI) has for more than 30 years been California’s largest provider of voter information to political campaigns, consultants, and pollsters. PDI provides data and an electoral campaign platform used for phone banking, canvassing, data collection, voter registration, events management, and targeting. Our primary mission is to provide quality voter information that is current, accurate, and simple for campaigns and organizations to use. PDI understands the important role of voter information in a campaign and strives to make the experience of purchasing data products easy, quick, and effective. Learn more at

About OutreachCircle 

OutreachCircle is a supporter management, relational organizing and texting platform that makes it easy for volunteers, activists and donors to support their favorite cause, campaign or organization.  OutreachCircle has worked with over 4K clients in all 50 states and 5 continents since 2015. Learn more at