Most organizing programs are built with a one size fits all approach. However, all supporters are unique. Some want a lawn sign, some want to donate, others want to knock on doors and occasionally you find a unicorn who wants to do it all. While customizing tasks for supporters is easy when you have a small number of volunteers, it can become nearly impossible as you grow.

To help our customers provide customized volunteer experiences at scale, we recently launched our Groups feature. Groups on OutreachCircle have the following abilities:

  • Customized workflows: Create customized actions and ladders of engagement for different types of supporters.
  • Automated tracking and reporting: Segment supporters to track conversion rates.
  • Unique tracking links, app codes and QR codes: Automatically tag and route supporters into different groups by using unique tracking links.
  • Email follow-up: Create segmented email lists for customized reminders.
  • Texting follow-up: Nudge supporters with personalized messages to follow-up.

Groups enable common workflows such as: 

  • Regions: If you are running a large program, groups enables you to create local actions (events, updates, social sharing) based on where a supporter lives or works. 
  • Staff: Assign specific staff or volunteer leaders to follow up with supporters, building long-term relationships.
  • Languages: Create customized feeds in any language.
  • A/B Testing: Experiment with different actions and workflows 
  • Events: Route attendees at specific events into different groups with unique workflows
  • Teams/Departments: Create workflows for different teams in your organization (fundraising, events, field, comms, advocacy)
  • Social actions: Create customized workflows for supporters joining from different digital channels (social media, email, website, etc)
  • VIPs: Create specific workflows for VIPs inside and outside of your organization. This could include sending the candidate specific actions to take or posts to share on social media. Or you could create workflows for endorsers, partners or donors. 

With OutreachCircle’s scalable, customizable Groups feature you can connect your supporters with the best content and actions for them. Join our email list to stay in touch or learn more at

Sangeeth Peruri is the CEO and founder of OutreachCircle, supporter management, relational organizing and P2P texting platform that makes it easy for volunteers, activists and donors to support their favorite cause, campaign or organization.  Formerly president of the Los Altos School District Board of Trustees, he serves on the boards of Orenda Education, Think Together and the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Peninsula. In his spare time, he is a fitness fanatic and competed on American Ninja Warrior 6 (check out his video here).