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Tips, Tricks and Insights from the Field

Five Relational Organizing Takeaways from the Midterms

Since 2015, we have worked with over 2,000 clients on their relational organizing efforts. Every year we learn something new. Previously I had written about our 11 relational organizing best practices.  Below are our latest insights from the 2018 midterms. Relational Organizing Scales.  The research has been clear that relational organizing is effective. To date, the limitation..

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11 Relational Organizing Best Practices For Your Political Campaign

Relational organizing is quickly becoming a staple of modern day campaigning.  Unlike traditional cold campaign outreach (paid staff or volunteers reach out to strangers), relational organizing involves supporters leveraging their pre-existing relationships to reach out to their friends, neighbors and colleagues.  While academic research has shown relational organizing to be the most effective form of..

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PTA Presidents – The Key to Changing Hearts and Minds (and Winning Elections)

I spend almost every day working with campaigns around the country.  Most campaigns seem to have the same playbook: start with fundraising, then move on to persuasion and end with GOTV.  The logic is that money pays for advertising (to persuade voters) and staff (to recruit volunteers for GOTV). But what if your opponent has..

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Zero-Cost Elections

These notes were inspired by informal discussions initiated by “Positive Agenda” Group of Silicon Valley Courageous Resistance (SVCR). They should be of interest to all people and organizations sharing the common goal of building the better and stronger America – an America that will: Maintain a decent standard of living and basic human rights and..

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Tools for a Modern Campaign

You are currently reading the Tools section in a five part series, click here for the intro and ToC Obviously, voter database and engagement tools like NGP/VAN, PDI, NationBuilder, etc… Don’t be afraid of Slack. Keep confidential info off Slack, but use it as a constant engagement tool for volunteers. Done right, Slack can serve as..

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Why Female Consultants Matter Right Now

(originally published on Picture a smoked-filled room crowded with older, white men. Hear the click, click of a slide projector as photos of a female politician shoot past. See her headshot, her family portrait, one of her standing behind a podium or shaking hands with average-looking people. A voice states: “Bob, I just don’t know..

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